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Rebekah Wolfe, Executive Assistant, celebrates one year at LCE with a promotion.

Rebekah’s typical day involves working in our Brighton office, liaising with our consultants, associates, and clients to arrange and carry out vital pieces of project work within the business.

If you call the office, her voice is often the one you will hear, assisting you with your questions and working behind the scenes to ensure all is running smoothly.

Before joining LCE, Rebekah previously worked in the hospitality industry, specifically as a Hotel Manager, in her home-city of Southampton. In July 2022 she moved to Brighton and started her career at LCE and through her dedication and enthusiasm she was promoted to Executive Assistant within a year of starting.

Darren Jones, Managing Director said, “Since joining us a year ago Rebekah has become an invaluable member of the team, she has shown great initiative and enthusiasm within her role and has more than demonstrated her capability. Rebekah’s contribution to the company has been recognised by way of promotion and expansion of her role to allow greater responsibility

and autonomy in her way of working. Rebekah is an asset to the team, and we look forward to a long lasting and evolving working relationship.”

Rebekah said, “I love working for LCE and every day is different from the next, I look forward to working alongside our Directors, Consultants and Associates for many years to come.”


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