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Introducing LCE’s new Energy & Sustainability Consultant, Aisling Crowley

We are very pleased to announce that LCE has welcomed another member to our growing team.

Aisling has joined LCE as an Energy & Sustainability Consultant, bringing along a wealth of experience supporting decarbonisation projects across the public sector, including NHS trusts, Local Authorities and Central Government.

Aisling said “I am very happy to have joined LCE. I love working in the energy and environmental industry as it integrates both the technical and the social and is one of the major sectors making an impact against climate change. It’s nice to be passionate about this issue, but my perspective has become much more positive through working in a sector that is constantly pushing forward solutions”.

Darren Jones, Managing Director added, “I am very excited to welcome Aisling to the team, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience from her previous roles and we look forward to passing these benefits onto our clients.”

We asked Aisling a few questions, here is what she said.

How did you become interested in energy and environmental management?

I cannot pinpoint a time when I realised that I had an affinity for the field of energy and environmental management. However, I do remember enjoying the process of working out the cost and carbon returns when my family were purchasing some PV panels.

Who inspires you?

My teammates are dedicated and passionate about their work. This is inspiring. In general, anyone who you come across in the field who is excited about new innovations and learning as much as they can.

Can you describe your typical day working in the LCE Team?

No two days are the same working in energy consultancy. I usually have a few large tasks to tackle each day. I could be for example developing a client’s funding submission bid, analysing an organisation’s energy consumption or producing a sustainability report. I also like to take 30 minutes a day for pure learning, so that I am integrating training into my work week.

What advice would you give to someone looking to craft an energy/sustainability management plan?

Start working out what you already know and collecting data to fill the gaps. Then the business case for your plans will have the hard evidence needed to achieve buy-in.

What are your personal plans/goals for the coming year?

Reading and learning as much as I can.

Once again, welcome to the team Aisling!


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