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UK ahead of schedule for 2050 Net Zero target

It was announced last week that the UK’s carbon emissions last year fell to levels that haven’t been seen since 1879 (when Queen Victoria was on the throne), with emissions dropping 5.7%, meaning that the UK is now more than halfway to reaching their 2050 net zero target.

The announcement shows the significant strides the UK has taken in transitioning towards a greener, more sustainable future and environmental experts see the UK's success as a model for other nations.

Energy Security secretary, Claire Coutinho, “The UK is the first major economy - of the top 20 countries - to halve its emissions. 

“With some of the most ambitious targets in the world, we should be proud that we’ve over-achieved on our carbon budget for the third time in a row.”

Despite this momentous achievement, climate scientists have wanted that continued efforts are needed to ensure that the UK stays on track to meet its long-term climate goals as challenges will remain on the horizon to reach the 2050 net zero target.

Doug Bailey, Chairman of LCE wanted to share his thoughts on this recent news, “This is a really good piece of news and I am not convinced it got the news coverage it deserved, it is a tremendous accolade for the UK to have achieved this.

It provides a good foundation for us all involved in carbon emission reduction to make the necessary steps to hit the 2050 net zero target. We at Low Carbon Europe will continue to innovate and support our clients to achieve this within their own Organisations.”


At LCE we work with organisations to produce detailed Green Plans, tailored to each situation and goals. These comprehensive plans go beyond simply setting the targets, and cover the vision behind reaching Net Zero, and the strategies on how the goals will be achieved. Contact us today at and we can discuss your vision, goals and where we can help you.


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