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Ready for another ‘day of action’?

NHS Sustainability Day, is a national ‘day of action’ with a supporting campaign, encouraging NHS Trusts around the country to participate in a sustainable activity. The annual NHS Sustainability Day is this Thursday 19th March.

Over the years, this annual Campaign has gone from strength to strength, recognising and sharing good practice across the health sector through events, professional networks, publications and national awards. LCE, are encouraging all those who can, to participate in the day for action by trying to make one small change to their daily routine that, improves sustainability across the Trust. Stuck for ideas? A few examples could be;

  1. Walk or cycle to work.

  2. Go paperless for the day.

  3. Plant a tree or plant.

  4. Hold your own team meeting to discuss what you could do to improve sustainability within your department.

  5. Reduce your usage of single use cups by carrying a reusable flask for hot or cold drinks

  6. Ensure everything that can be switched off at the end of the day, has been.

If you’d like to know more about sustainability and how other Trusts are tackling the issue, every year the campaign organisers ‘4 All Of Us Ltd’, publish a sustainability impacts. Please click here to read the 19/20 Sustainability Day impact report, published by 4 all of us.


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