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Net Zero by 2050… 2040… 2030? How our Green Plans go beyond just making a statement

Every day in the news governments, organisations and public bodies set targets of when they plan to reach net zero carbon emissions. The target is a great step, but how do you get there?

At LCE we work with organisations to produce detailed Green Plans, tailored to each situation and goals. These comprehensive plans go beyond simply setting the targets, and cover the vision behind reaching Net Zero, and the strategies on how the goals will be achieved.

Our NHS Green Plans are divided into areas of focus inspired by the Greener NHS, formerly the Sustainable Development Unit (SDU). Using these areas of focus allows us to benchmark your progress against others and against NHS best practice. These sections lay out a clear pathway to achieve improved sustainability outcomes, by highlighting the key objectives and actions required to make progress in each area.

Several organisations have already used our Green Plans to be effectively communicate their vision to their customers, shareholders, patients, and their local communities.

Whether at the start of your decarbonisation journey, or part of the way through, Green Plans are an excellent way to compartmentalise the huge amount of work needed to succeed, before assessing and revaluating. We recommend looking at a period of 5 years at a time, with at least one review in that time.

At LCE we pride ourselves in going beyond strategy and are available to assist in benchmarking, project delivery and monitoring progress, all on the journey to creating a Green Plan with you that will work.

Contact us today and we can discuss your vision, goals and where we can help you.


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