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Promoting National Clean Air Day – 15th June 2017

Far from being a new environmental concern, air pollution has been around for a long time and researchers have been studying the effects of air pollution on the nation’s health for decades.

Air pollution increases the risk of some serious illnesses, and can make existing conditions, like respiratory disorders, worse.

Low Carbon Europe are pleased to be attending the National Clean Air Day 2017 event at the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS). As the city looks to develop a focus towards  clean air activities, a number of events are taking place throughout Southampton, with the hospital’s event focused on the health impacts of air quality for patients and local communities. The Trust’s Environment Centre have arranged for talks and information to be provided to staff, patients and visitors, while our Sustainability Consultant, Michelle Furtado, will be providing specific information to staff about how to travel to and from work using sustainable and low-carbon methods, including: walking, cycling and public transport.

UHS have a number of great employee initiatives to improve active travel options, which will be  promoted and advertised during the course of the day. Low Carbon Europe are taking the opportunity to speak to staff about their travel options, while getting interested people to sign up as a ‘Green Guardian’ as part of the Trust’s sustainability network in order to raise awareness of sustainable healthcare and establish a place to share ideas and innovations.

The UK’s first-ever National Clean Air Day is a chance for the whole country to come together and improve air quality through collective action and is coordinated by Global Action Plan. Find out more here.


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