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Poll finds two-thirds of Britons want faster action on climate change

Research for Greener UK and the Climate Coalition shows that the British public want to see more action to tackle climate change.

Of the 2,000 people questioned:

  1. Almost 70 percent of British people want urgent political action to tackle climate change

  2. 69 percent want to see the governments proposed legislation for net zero carbon emissions by 2050 happen faster.

  3. 58 percent of people said they now talk more about climate change and the environment than 5 years ago

  4. 77 percent of respondents agreed the issue is now higher on their agenda than ever before.

At LCE we specialise in helping our clients increase energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. As well as implementing measures to reduce your carbon footprint it is vital that you benchmark your current position and improvements are measured.

The research outlined above demonstrates that climate change and carbon emissions are rising on the public’s agenda. It is now more important than ever for organisations to demonstrate that they are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Success stories can be promoted to internal and external stakeholders and the evidence can be used to show your organisation is conscious of your environmental impact.

Services such as benchmarking, audits and project identification are vital tools in assessing where your organisation is currently as well as where and how improvements can be made. Click here to read more about our services.

At LCE we practice what we preach and have recently reduced our carbon footprint by 38% and achieved The Planet Mark certificate for the third year (Read more).


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