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NHS Sustainability Day 2019

NHS Sustainability Day 2019, a national day of action across the health sector, is taking place on Thursday 21st March 2019. As the day is about celebrating the importance sustainability plays within the NHS, throughout the day, the LCE team will be attending our various clients’ sites in order to support them and showcase their achievements.

The NHS is constantly being challenged to deliver a very high standard of patient care but with many a budget constraint and lack of resource; it needs to find ways to constantly reduce impact on the environment and save money. We need to act more sustainably to ensure the NHS is fit for the future.

We would love for members of the Trust to come by to see what we have been up to with our clients and how they have been performing over the last year with regards to energy and utility usage.

In addition, we encourage those who want to, to come and sign up to be a sustainability champion; you will then be entered into a prize draw for a £25 amazon voucher.

You can find us at many places throughout the day, highlighting the important role sustainable development can play in health service delivery, so please make sure you come and say hello.

Where will you find us on NHS Sustainability Day 2019?

  1. Our Energy and Sustainability Lead, Ria Larkins will be attending 350 Euston Road on 21st March and Argo House on 22nd March. On both days, she will be running an event with QTS around waste segregation in the main reception areas between 10am – 2pm, helping to remind everyone about what should and shouldn’t go in the various bins – please come along if you are at either of these locations.

  2. Chris Wines, our Energy Engineer will be at Dartford and Gravesham Hospital, running an energy awareness event outside the Level 1 restaurant between 10am-2pm. Please come along and bring your friends to help gain ideas and find out how you can reduce your usage of energy through making small behaviour changes.

  3. Darren Jones, Managing Director will be holding an energy awareness stand outside of the Restaurant at Northwick Park Hospital and our Energy and Sustainability Lead, Tom Harris will be outside of the Restaurant at Ealing Hospital both of these events will be happening between 10am – 2pm. Please come along and talk to us, to help gain ideas and discuss how we can support the Trust in reducing energy consumption.

  4. Marco Romani, Energy Engineer will be holding an energy awareness stand at Homerton University NHS Trust as part of NHS Sustainability Day. We will also be displaying the combined achievements of LCE and the Trust over the last year and potential future projects, which we are very much looking forward to.

Want to find out how we can help you be more sustainable?

LCE works with our clients, helping align core business activity and sustainability principles. We provide a comprehensive service, tailored to our client needs. We provide long term value through embracing energy and carbon saving opportunities and enhancing organisational decision-making through consideration of economic, social and environmental factors. We can help organisations with any stage of their sustainability agenda.

Please email us at or phone us on 01273 030154 to find out more.


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