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New Year… New approach to your carbon reduction

Research suggests that 88% of people fail to stick to their New Year’s resolutions (haven’t we all)!

Change is tough and we are often finding ourselves falling back to previous habits. At LCE we are experts in change, we help our clients to reach their targets and achieve their resolutions, and what could be a more important and topical resolution in 2020 than reducing your company’s carbon footprint!

In the last few months Nottingham Council have announced a carbon neutral target of 2028, Manchester Council has announced a zero-carbon target of 2038 and Microsoft has unveiled a plan to reduce its carbon impact to below net zero by 2030. Is it time that your organisation follows suit?

So, how do you stick to your resolution of reducing your carbon footprint? Below are three useful tips with information on how we can help to achieve this goal.

Choose carefully When setting targets it is important to be realistic and to think about how you are going to meet your objectives. At LCE we have a wealth of experience taking projects from inception through to delivery and evaluation. Read our case studies

Get support Retained Energy Management Services (REMS) is designed for clients that don’t have a full-time energy manager and need energy management support: Read more

Think long term Don’t be part of the 88% and fall back to bad habits. At LCE our aim is to create long term sustainability, hence our sustainability services are designed to target all of these key areas and find ways to improve efficiency across the board. Read more

Finally, and most importantly, you have to decide to make a change, contact us today:

(01273) 030154


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