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Low Carbon Europe reduces their carbon footprint by 32%

LCE has attained the Planet Mark certification for a fifth consecutive year, recognising continued commitment in measuring, and reducing the company’s carbon footprint on an annual basis.

LCE’s Senior Energy Consultant, Marco Romani said: “The fight against climate change and the path to decarbonisation are inextricably linked to LCE’s core business, which is to increase energy efficiency in order to reduce CO2 emissions, and make our clients’ businesses more sustainable. Our staff are constantly working to create shared value, combining the pursuit of UK’s climate ambitions with tangible sustainable actions and practices.

Since 2017, The Planet Mark has become a key component to measure the environmental impacts of our business, as well as identify our progress in making our business operations more sustainable. As a result, we have become very keen on promoting the benefits of this scheme and many of our clients are now certified too.”

Over the past 12 months, LCE has been making great efforts to help bring their carbon emissions down. One of our main aims was to make a conscious team effort to consider the necessity of travelling to and from client sites. These efforts saw our carbon footprint drop to 7.5 TCO2e a decrease of 32.1% from 2019. Comparison to 2019 also sees a 11% decrease in total carbon emissions per employee as well as a 41% decrease in travel emissions.

Steve Malkin, Founder and CEO of The Planet Mark, commented: “This is a fantastic set of results from Low Carbon Europe. The team are dedicated and experienced professionals in sustainability, and so it should come as no surprise to see their passion for environmental change channelled into effective and impactful action. The team’s achievements in carbon reduction are something they can take to all of their clients and stakeholders. Low Carbon Europe walks the walk on sustainability, and I am proud to work with them at The Planet Mark.” 

LCE can lead and support clients throughout the whole process to help them in reducing their carbon footprint, use less energy, spend less money, and achieve The Planet Mark™ certification. LCE can help your organisation to secure year-on-year reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, while simultaneously showcasing commitments to enhanced sustainable development and resource efficiency.

Working with LCE, in conjunction with The Planet Mark™ is a simple and effective way to make financial savings, tackle climate change and empower members of staff throughout your team.

Contact us by emailing to find out how we can help you today.

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