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Energy and Sustainability in the Built Environment: Support to Local Planning Authorities

Support to Local Planning Authorities

Low Carbon Europe are pleased to announce the development of the Energy and Sustainability in the Built Environment division. Our specialist Sustainability Consultants are tailored to provide on-going support to Local Planning Authorities in order to ensure that all proposed developments achieve carbon and sustainability compliance in line with national and local regulations.

Technical Expertise

Our team of planning and energy specialists and low-carbon engineers enable us to assess the feasibility of measures as each stage of the energy hierarchy; in order to analyse the suitability of energy efficiency measures, decentralised heating networks and renewable energy technologies. Through direct experience with multiple councils and the assessment of hundreds of planning applications, Low Carbon Europe are able to provide consultancy support for all residential, commercial and mixed-use developments, at the planning, design and post-construction stages.

Current Clients

Low Carbon Europe has extensive experience of working with Local Authorities across the country and currently provides ongoing services to Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Councils along with weekly in-house support to the London Borough of Hounslow.

Our current services include:

  1. Full assessment of Energy Statements to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations, London Plan and Local Plans.

  2. Full assessment of Sustainability Statements to ensure compliance with accreditation standards, including BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

  3. Implementing and discharging planning conditions in relation to energy, sustainability, waste, water, materials etc.

  4. Support in updating Local Plans, Supplementary Planning Documents and Sustainability Frameworks.

  5. Provision of expert advice to Planning Officers and Development Management in light of national policy and legislative changes.

  6. Attendance at Pre-Planning Application meetings with developers to formulate sustainable design solutions and ensure policy compliance.

  7. Representing Local Authority energy and sustainability policies at Local Plan examination hearings.

  8. Wider policy support in relation to emerging schemes, including Carbon Offset Funds, the Home Quality Mark and Passivhaus.

Contact Us

If Low Carbon Europe can be of any assistance to your Local Planning Authority, please contact our Planning and Policy division for further information.


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