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A Reflection of 2016 from the GK Group

The new year is upon us, which means it is time for me to reflect upon another year at GK Group.

We have seen a high level of uncertainty in the market in 2016, as businesses and organisations waited to see which way votes would go, then delaying decision making whilst they waited to see how things would unfold. As it transpires, not a lot has changed and it is going to take some time for real change to kick in, so we’ve now seen most clients adopt a “business as usual” approach. But, in uncertain times, you need to be stepping up your organisational efficiencies and putting your business in the strongest possible position to offer market protection and commercial resilience.

Much like the rest of the world, GK Group has seen change this year, with both Low Carbon Europe (LCE) and GK Transformation both expanding their services to a wider range of clients, some of whom are operating in sectors that are new to us. Our websites now contain a good range of our achievements through the publication of some high quality case studies and other useful material. We have upped our presence on a variety of social media outlets and month on month our followers and likers grow, which is encouraging.

Our achievement in gaining ISO 19001 and 14001 certification to the new 2015 standard was something the team are rightly proud of. LCE’s commitment to reducing carbon was also recognised when they were awarded with the Planet Mark standard.

Towards the tail end of the year we have been having detailed talks with a couple of other businesses and we are looking forward to releasing some exciting news about our growth plans in Q4 during February and March.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, suppliers, friends and most importantly, the fantastic team at GK Group and wish you all a prosperous 2017.


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