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400 Million Pound Saving Identified by SDU & HFMA

Time to get a grip with your carbon A £400 million cost savings opportunities exist to Trusts who get to grips with their carbon Management. New research and analysis from the SDU and supporting partners has calculated the NHS and wider health sector could save up to £414m and cut 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year by 2020. The analysis selected 35 areas and calculated their financial and environmental benefits.

The report suggests trusts who have approved Sustainable Development Management Plans (SDMP) is one of the cornerstones of the Sustainable Development Strategy.

“70% of NHS providers and 30% of commissioners in England (52% overall) have a current governing body or board approved SDMP, setting out their organisation’s sustainable development baseline, targets and approach. PHE and NHS Property Services have developed SDMPs and NHS England’s SDMP is being finalised currently.”

How Low Carbon Europe can help! We are already working with major NHS trusts providing services in areas such as sustainable development management plans, behavioural change programs and travel plans.

We are also already on the necessary Framework agreements and are here to help you!

Read The Full Report Here 20160119-SDUupdate2016-Web


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