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2023 at LCE

This year has just flown by here at LCE, we began like many other companies navigating the various economic and environmental challenges facing us all , the amount of change and. turmoil throughout the world looks likely to continue into 2024 and as a team we will work in supporting each other as well as our clients in adapting and facing up to what challenges come our way in the New Year.

Throughout this year we have looked at ways in which we could assist our clients in achieving carbon and financial savings, we have delivered our support in the most environmentally efficient way utilising public transport where possible and encouraging staff and colleagues to do the same.

Unfortunately, with the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, energy prices have increased worldwide and the Country is finding itself thrown into the worst economic crisis for decades. During this worrying time we have continued supporting our REMS™ (Retained Energy Management Service) clients both remotely and onsite with their Decarbonisation Plans, Energy Strategies & Energy Efficiency along with other strategic documents. The team have managed to complete several PSDS Applications on behalf of our clients, with a number of these being successful in securing, in excess, of £7 million worth of funding for our clients to undertake Energy Efficiency & Decarbonisation initiatives. Our consultants also worked on meeting compliance deadlines in relation to UKETS & SECR, with good feedback being received.

As winter melted into spring LCE once again passed their ISO9001 & ISO14001 External Audits with the External Auditor merely suggesting an opportunity for improvement and complimenting us on our successes in operating a very high calibre QMS system that was having real positive impact on the success, and growth of the business.

This was also a time when we welcomed Andy Bennett to the Board of Directors as our Group Director of Operations, Andy brings some real expertise and commercial drive to all that we deliver.

During Spring we assisted a number of our clients with their PAM (Premise Assurance Model) assessments and associated action plans.  This ensured our clients were ready to submit their PAM in time for the summer deadline and were aware of any areas that needed to be addressed over the coming year.  

Our CEO, Darren Jones also received his PhD in Strategic Energy Management within Hospitals:  Barriers to Energy Efficiency and the Impact of Design Margins. This was a real labour of love for Darren and his family over a period of 10 years. Achieving a doctorate at anytime is a great achievement but doing this whilst heading up a busy company should receive our utmost respect.


Throughout the summer we continued to assist our REMS™ clients with their energy usage via our Utility Bureau and managed to ascertain client savings of £15.3 million. LCE have always been mindful of the impact upon our planet of energy waste and the need to reduce carbon emission.  We have, therefore, provided sustainability support over a number of years to our clients.  This support has included Behaviour Change Plans; Green Plans & Heat Decarbonisation Plans along with other strategic documents, such as, Energy Strategies.  

Whilst we provide compliance services all year round to our clients, the latter part of the year tends to be a busy period for Energy Compliance. During this period we undertook a number of compliance services such as DECs, EPCs and TM44 Inspections.

As winter approached LCE hosted a REMS™ (Retained Energy Management Service) Technical Briefing at HMS Belfast where we presented various energy related topics, followed by a fascinating tour of the ship.

We are proud to have maintained and built further our team throughout the year and are delighted to welcome new members of staff George Mulholland, Energy Data Analyst, Cass Turquand, Admin Assistant, Naveen Palaniappan, Energy & Sustainability Engineer and the return of Abby Courtin, Energy & Sustainability Consultant.

As the year comes to a close, we look back at all that has been achieved despite the worldwide turmoil and financial crisis and are thankful for the wonderful memories we have made as a Team and the support we have provided to our clients, both old and new.  Happy Christmas to everyone and we hope 2024 will be a good year for you all.


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