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LCE's specialist energy and sustainability consultants have provided weekly in-house support to the Development Management division at the London Borough of Hounslow since November 2015. Our expertise in the built environment enables LCE to offer clear and concise advice to Planning Officers for all major and minor residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use developments at the design, construction and post-construction stages.

Assessment of Energy and Sustainability Statements:

With a strong focus on policy compliance and achieving exemplar energy efficiency standards, our team have helped to ensure that all proposed developments secure carbon dioxide reductions in accordance with the London Plan and Building Regulations Part L (2013), alongside sustainability credentials required by domestic and commercial sustainability accreditations. Following a comprehensive review of documents submitted by developers, our consultants provide corresponding reports to Planning Officers and liaise with the council and third parties throughout the planning process.

As part of the assessment of Energy and Sustainability Statements, Low Carbon Europe provide technical consultancy in relation to:

  • The London Plan ‘Energy Hierarchy’: energy efficiency, district heating networks and renewable energy technologies.

  • Sustainability certifications, including BREEAM, Code for Sustainable Homes, the Home Quality Mark and Passivhaus.

  • Energy Modelling: Target Emission Rates (TERs) and Building/Dwelling Emission Rates (BERs/DERs), Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM).

  • Implementation and discharge of energy and sustainability planning conditions, including water efficiency, sourcing of materials and green roofs.

  • Attendance at Pre-Planning Application meetings to formulate low-carbon and sustainable design solutions with developers and technical consultants.


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Policy Support:

Our policy specialists provide on-going support in relation to national legislative and policy changes, including the Housing Standards Review and the development of the London Plan’s ‘zero carbon’ homes standard. In addition, our team support the council in updating Local Plans and supplementary documents regarding all aspects of energy and sustainability in the built environment and have provided representation at Local Plan Committee Hearings.

Carbon Offset Fund:

Our consultants have supported the council’s Policy Team in the establishment of a borough-specific Carbon Offset Fund, in order to secure carbon dioxide savings where these are not fully feasible on-site. In accordance with the London Plan’s ‘zero carbon’ homes policy, our team are responsible for calculating the financial contribution for each development and formulating strategies for initiating subsequent energy efficiency and sustainability projects within the local area.


  • Energy and Sustainability Statements assessed for over 200 development applications

  • Weekly in-house attendance

  • Cross-divisional support with the Environmental Strategy and Regeneration Departments

  • Representation at London Borough energy groups

  • Supporting the Council’s Climate Change Adaption Steering Group

  • Energy and Sustainability Workshops and Policy Updates


“LCE have proved invaluable in providing specialist advice on planning applications. They have a breadth of experience from working in a number of local authorities, and have the most up to date information and case law at their fingertips. The service is consistent and delivered to a high standard”

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