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In order to become a sustainable organisation, it is important that organisations have plans in place to outline what they want to achieve and how they are going to do it.

At LCE we work with organisations to produce detailed Green Plans / Sustainable Development Management Plans (SDMP) / Sustainable Development Action Plans (SDAP). These comprehensive plans go beyond simply setting the target and cover the vision behind reaching net zero and the methods and strategies to how the objective will be achieved.  

Our Green Plans are divided into ten areas of focus. These ten areas are selected as they are the standard 10 recognised by the Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) in their Sustainable Development Action Tool (SDAT). Using these areas of focus allows us to benchmark our progress against others and against SDU best practice. These sections layout a clear pathway to achieve improved sustainability outcomes, by highlighting the key objectives and actions required to make progress in each area.

We have found our Green plans / SDMP's and SDAP's to be fantastic tools to communicate your vision to a variety of stakeholders whether these be customers, shareholders or even the local community. Whether at the start of the decarbonisation journey or part of the way through Green Plans are an excellent way to compartmentalise before assessing and re-evaluating. 

At LCE we pride ourselves in going beyond the strategy and are also available to assist in benchmarking, project delivery and monitoring progress. 


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