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Operating Theatre Optimisation Audit – Barts Health NHS Trust

The Aim: Barts Health NHS Trust commissioned Low Carbon Europe to conduct a verification and optimisation audit on the critical ventilation systems serving 42 theatres across their estate portfolio.

The aim of the audit was to ascertain the HVAC energy loads associated with the current operational requirements and subsequently to improve upon these through the optimisation of control strategies, ventilation rates, humidification parameters and part-load efficiencies, whilst ensuring that the requirements of “Heating and ventilation systems Health Technical Memorandum 03-01: Specialised ventilation for healthcare premises”, are maintained.

Through the analysis of test readings and observations acquired on site, a number of potential energy savings, cost savings, and carbon reduction opportunities were identified.

The Audit:  Verification assessments conducted on the critical ventilation systems for Theatres include:

  1. Air handling unit and ventilation system inspection

  2. Controls function and strategy assessment

  3. Theatre pre validation inspection/checks

  4. Supply and Extract air volume measurements

  5. Pressure regime measurements

  6. Noise level readings

  7. Light level readings

  8. Temperature and humidity readings

  9. Theatre occupancy schedule and utilisation rate

The Outcome/Savings Identified:


Average saving of £8,900.00 per theatre.

On 42 theatres, that’s enough money to employ at least 5 surgeons for one year.

Return on investment in just 9 months

Identified enough energy savings to shut down the proposed Hinkley Point Power station for 1.5 Hours

Enough CO2 to fill over 11,500

Hot Air Balloons

If you would like to hear more about our Theatre Optimisation Services email: or call: 01273 666390


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