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LCE are pleased to announce their REMS™ service has been granted trademark status!

After 12 years providing retained energy management to its private and public sector clients, LCE are proud to announce that its award-winning REMS™ service has now been granted, trademark status. This accolade is not merely a symbol; it signifies a paradigm shift in the way organisations approach, and harness energy management solutions. 


LCE’s REMS™ emerges not only as an alternative to the recruitment of a conventional Energy Manager, but also as a bespoke, comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with existing energy management frameworks, within an organisation. Beyond this, it also offers a unique proposition for existing energy managers – a wraparound service that opens the door to a wealth of engineering and sustainability expertise, through a dedicated REMS™ Key Account Manager supported by an experienced Team of Energy and Engineering professionals.  


The announcement extends beyond the introduction of our LCE’s REMS™, it serves as an invitation to reimagine the future of energy management within your organisation. It encourages exploring a holistic solution that has adeptly navigated the intricacies of day-to-day energy management for the past decade. This solution encompasses addressing clients' energy compliance and regulatory requirements, offering services such as LCE's utility bureau service, and aiding in the creation of strategic documents such as green plans, heat decarbonisation plans, as well as various energy efficiency interventions and sustainability solutions. 


In a sector where recruiting adept energy managers is a daunting challenge, LCE has carved a niche by successfully delivering sustained results over the long term, across multiple clients. The service's longevity and efficacy have not only stood the test of time but have now gained formal recognition through the acquisition of a trademark that is underpinned by international quality and environmental standards ISO9001 and ISO14001, symbolising a decade of dedication and expertise. 


LCE's REMS™ isn't just a trademark; it's a symbol of adaptability, resilience, and a decade-long commitment to delivering tangible, transformative energy management outcomes. As the trademark takes its place, it becomes a conversation starter, urging organisations to inquire not just about our service provision and methods, but about the impact and innovation that lie at the core of REMS™


To find out more about our REMS™ service please visit 


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