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Energy Audit – NHS Hospital, Suffolk

Site Overview

A large district general hospital providing a wide range of services to the population of east Suffolk.

The Recommendations

During an energy audit of this site, it was observed that the following initiatives could be investigated; • Reduce standing losses from boilers • Review thermal insulation of pipework, plate heat exchangers (PHX), flanges and fittings. • Asses boiler total dissolved solids (TDS) blowdown procedure • Replace Calorifiers with PHX • Review of temperature set points • Replacement of belt driven pumps to direct drive • Replacement of belt driven fans to direct drive • Review of building utilisation/occupancy • Use of alternative heating method • Installation of high efficiency motors and inverter drives • Improved utilisation of BMS • Replacement of bucket traps • Implementation of boiler sequencing / redundancy • Review of external lighting • Review of cooling strategy

Preliminary Savings Identified

Many of the recommendations required further analysis in order to fully assess the energy saving opportunities identified. However, from those which could be assessed the savings were identified as follows; Annual Energy Reduction = 2,332,004 kWh Annual CO2 Reduction = 504 Tonnes Annual Cost Saving = £68,820 Cost Implementation = £81,206

Return on Investment

Payback period = 14 Months


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