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The aim of the Planet Mark™ Certification Programme is to ensure every organisation grows economically by improving its environmental and social performance. Through rigorous carbon footprint measurement and reporting, The Planet Mark™ provides assurance that an organisation is addressing its corporate sustainability impact meaningfully. The programme builds employee and stakeholder engagement and creates positive environmental and social change. Uniquely, it develops knowledge and communication skills so as to embed sustainability within organisations.

Working with LCE, in conjunction with The Planet Mark™ is a simple and effective way to make financial savings, tackle climate change and empower members of staff.  On average, Planet Mark-certified businesses make a 5% carbon saving per employee each year through reductions in energy, waste, water, travel and procurement.

At LCE we have helped multiple organisations achieve Planet Mark certification but we also practice what we preach, we were one of the first organisations to be accredited and now within our third year of certification.

CEO and Founder of the Planet Mark, Steve Malkin; “The team at LCE live and breathe sustainability. LCE supports organisations across the UK in becoming more energy and resource efficient, which helps reduce their customers’ carbon emissions and help reverse climate change. But the team has chosen to go even further by reducing their own business carbon footprint and achieving The Planet Mark. This is outstanding work by a really committed team of people.”


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