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Gas Plant

Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) is industry legislation that affects over 11,900 UK organisations. 

Large UK companies are required to comply with SECR if they meet two of three of the qualifying conditions:

  • Annual turnover of £36 million or more

  • Balance sheet total assets of £18 million or more

  • 250 employees or more

SECR requires businesses to publish their annual energy use (including electricity, gas and transport), an emissions intensity ration, the methodologies used to calculate the required information, a narrative of measures taken to improve energy efficiency in the period of the report and prior year equivalent figures are also required to be disclosed for comparison.

Our expert team can provide an end-to-end SECR compliance service making sure you adhere to the mandated reporting obligations. Our service includes calculating all the necessary usage and emissions data as well as preparing the obligatory documentation required for SECR compliance.  


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