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Building and plant optimisation is about getting the most from your existing assets.

Making the most of what you already have is often overlooked but often far more cost effective than replacing existing equipment.

At LCE our expert team are able to produce comprehensive energy audits that measure the efficiency of your building and plant. From this point we are able to make suggestions and are able to implement measures to optimise energy usage whilst maintaining the desired output.  

Building and plant optimisation measures can include ‘low cost / no cost’ measures that collectively can add up to make large savings or the optimisation measures can be larger infrastructure changes or equipment adaptations. With all of our suggestions and implementations we provide information on the payback period and energy savings that are expected to be delivered. 

Here are some examples of simple ‘low cost / no cost’ measures that can be applied to a range of scenarios and equipment to kick start the optimisation process: 

Switch off – Sounds simple but there is a huge opportunity to reduce energy wastage by targeting any equipment when it is not in use i.e., out of hours

Enhance efficiency – Equipment often operates inefficiently, for example an AHU running at 100% in mild conditions or dirty filters making plant work twice as hard as necessary. Sometimes the simplest tweaks and changes can lead to huge efficiencies.  

Let there be light – LED bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting. If you can’t change your bulbs all at once you can change them as they need replacing.  
Get in touch today to find out more about our building and plant optimisation service and how we can get the most out of your existing assets. 

Here are some examples of our building and plant optimisation services: 

  • low cost/no cost interventions

  • Heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration system optimisation

  • Investment grade audits and funding applications

  • CHP feasibility studies and CHPQA assessments

  • LED lighting upgrade and power optimisation feasibility studies

  • Option appraisals for renewable and decarbonisation technologies


We would love to hear from you and chat through how our services can help. Or if you want to hear from us then please subscribe to our mailing list.

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