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The CIBSE Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems training is a one day course that introduces the fundamental principles of refrigeration systems and considers the optimisation of these systems for the purpose of energy efficiency. Designed for those with limited experience in this field, who wish to further their understanding of cooling systems, their component parts and their operation. Frequently encountered problems and their associated solutions are examined and explained with illustrated examples.

Delegates will gain an understanding of the different approaches to operating cooling and heat rejection systems in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand how to identify operating efficiency opportunities within cooling systems

  • Understand methodologies and application of chiller data collection and performance analysis

  • Demonstrate awareness of the environmental impacts surrounding the maintenance operation and design of cooling & heat rejection plant

  • Understand the principles and application of the Vapour Compression Cycle and pressure/enthalpy diagrams

  • Develop the ability to undertake heat gain and cooling load calculations.

  • Develop awareness of positioning and access issues relating to cooling systems

  • Become familiar with the components of cooling system controls, efficient operation and associated challenges

  • Become familiar with the various types of cooling systems and their selection criteria

  • Understand the different types of system used in modern buildings including:

        - All-air cooling systems

        - All-water cooling systems

        - Combined Air/Water systems

        - Packaged DX cooling systems

        - Evaporative cooling systems

        - Heat rejection plant


  • Develop the ability to identify opportunities for older systems to be retrofitted with new technologies in order to optimise energy efficiency


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